The Doers

Company Structure


JJK Places is a collaborative effort involving the expertise of multiple long established Denver based real estate developers and other professionals involved in various capacities within the structure of the company. Cumulatively, this team provides JJK Places with decades and decades of real estate, construction, city planning, entitlements, project management, urban design, and local market experience.  Through a number of members of JJK’s team, the company also has a particular expertise and extensive experience conducting community engagement and outreach, especially utilizing advanced visualization techniques to effortlessly communicate complex data and concepts, as well as easily conduct informative project visioning exercises.

The Doers

Business/Social Impact Advisory Board

Furthering JJK Places social impact processes, the company’s operations, policies, work pipeline, and long-term strategic planning are overseen by a Business/Social Impact Advisory Board comprised of community members, social equity advocates, real estate and business professionals, and representative members of JJK Places staff (the latter on a rotating basis).

One Collaborative Team

All of the above individuals together form one cohesive well-organized collaborative team that makes for a very unique “hybrid organization”–a social impact company called JJK Places, PBC.

This group of individuals shares in common the vision of JJK Places being an organization whose primary objective is to promote, develop, partner, and consult on innovative, progressive real estate development projects that deliver significant social impact, while being transactions that reflect sound real estate investment fundamentals and that yield targeted risk-adjusted economic returns for investors and funders.

Five Components of the Company

JJK Places’ team of seasoned experts and advisers is organized into the following five components or divisions of the company:

  • Business/Social Impact Advisory Board: a third-party oversight/governance body.
  • Founder, President & Managing Partner: Will Kralovec
  • Development Advisors: a select group of experienced Denver real estate development professionals who are partners/advisors of JJK Places.
  • JJK Projects Team: a group of project-related staff consultants each with varied expertise, who work on multiple assignments and development projects.
  • “Impact Idea Incubator” (a/k/a the “Triple I Group”): a social impact real estate “think tank” to conceive of and deliberate on new ideas and innovations involving the built-environment and related disciplines, with their potential applicability towards helping  address Denver’s current growth challenges.  This think tank structure is currently in formation.

The Doers

Additional Mission-driven Company Community Giving Efforts

As a mission-driven social impact company, JJK Places takes seriously its public benefit creating efforts. JJK will annually (following the end of each calendar year) issue a public report as required by PBC state statute that evaluates its social benefit successes during the preceding year against certain metrics and third-party standards. In additional to its core business work, JJK annually will be providing hundreds of hours of consulting time at reduced rates to nonprofit and community organizations. Additionally, certain pro bona work also will be devoted to select important community projects to help start them and “get them off the ground.” Lastly, JJK is committed to annually donating a share of company profits to other community giving and public benefit causes.