Written By Will Kralovec

On February 25, 2020

From the laptop of JJK Places’ President:



We are one step closer to creating a new “missing middle” affordable housing “demonstration project!”

Last night, Will Kralovec, President of JJK PLACES, PBC, made a formal public presentation to the Aurora Mayor and City Council regarding a property rezoning request.

The rezoning request:

Was voted unanimously to appove!

The rezoning application was for two land parcels on which we will be developing an affordable housing “demonstration project” that will be the first built example of a “GREEN COURT DWELLING” development built in the City of Aurora. 

JJK PLACES is the owner’s rep/project manager leading the planning and implimentation of this innovative housing project.

The “green court dwelling” land use is a newly allowed land use now permitted as-of-right in certain residential zone districts thoughout the City of Aurora. It results from the recently approved citywide new zoning code update that went into effect last October 2019.

We currently are in the entitlement phase of the project — seeking site plan approval, site civil infrastructure construction plan approval, and building permit approvals.

By legally combining two adjacent (vacant) single family house zoned lots into one legal lot, in conjunction with last night’s successful rezoning approval, we can now place 4 smaller (“cottage size”) houses on the combined lot (where before only 2 houses were allowed, now 4 are). This serves to “gently increase” the density of the single family neighborhood, without changing the physical chararacter of the community.

This is just one example of an infill low density development that falls within the “missing middle” termonology. By doing this, it creates new “income appropriate” housing options in desirable locations in existing communities.  It also has the potential to offer aging seniors the opportunity to move out of their large family size homes which they have resided in for decades, and instead move into a smaller “cottage size” residence and yet still be afforded the opportunity to “age in place,” within their own community.

Although this current project is only 4 houses, it will serve as an important “demonstration project” whose model can be replicated in Aurora, and throughout the metro Denver region!

Stay tuned for more details as the project evolves.