“I think to address the issues at hand, we have to view local governments as key partners and stakeholders in these efforts. Because housing affects all of us, a joint effort between government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations is needed to holistically serve the needs of the people.”

– Zack Mellette
Swope Dreams

“I believe that small actions, multiplied by many people, can make a genuine difference in the world.”

Dan Barry
Marc Skid

Example Projects


The following are a few sample projects that JJK Places is involved in either as developer or as owner’s rep/project manager—these are presented here to offer a variation of the type of social impact real estate (or SIRE) projects in which the company is involved.  For more information on these or other projects, or how we can do similar work for you or your projects, please contact us via the Contact page.


Project Example #1


Affordable Single-Family Housing

Project Example #2


Affordable Green Court Housing Development

Project Example #3