At Issue:

In the spring of 2018, JJK Places assembled a development team to enter a competitive RFP process (“Request for Proposals”) which asked developers for submissions detailing their plans to redevelop ¾-acre of land in an historically underserved urban community in Denver. The proposals were expected to conceptualize a mixed-use project including multi-family affordable housing and a ground floor commercial space component. The RFP also asked to outline a community engagement process that would allow neighborhood members to have input into the project.

The Project:

JJK Places originated a development plan, assembled the early development team, and led the RFP submission effort to successfully win this RFP after a 7-month long competitive vetting process. JJK Places has partnered with Palisade Partners, an existing Denver based development company known for its prior community-oriented work.  In November of 2018, JJK Places and Palisade Partners were awarded the rights to build the proposed project.  The project plan calls for a $20 million mixed-use affordable housing for-sale residential condo development with approximately 50+/- units.

JJK Places is now Co-Developer with Palisade of this yet-to-be publicly announced project, which is in early planning stages and finalization of a development agreement. At present, the affordable (or mixed income) for-sale residential condos are in the early concept planning stage. The project also will include approximately 50 units of for-sale residential condos, and 15,000-20,000 square feet of economically accessible ground floor commercial space to be rented/sold to mix of nonprofit organizations bringing needed community services into the area for the existing neighborhood.  The exact uses for the commercial space will be determined with community input.

As soon as development agreements are finalized and signed, JJK Places will start leading a very robust “authentic” community engagement process with local residents. The intent is for this project to follow an “equitable development” model that involves a great deal of community outreach.  The inclusion of input from local community members will be integral to producing a development that truly benefits the neighborhood and existing inhabitants.

Stay tuned for periodic updates of this project in our website’s News and Blog sections.


Environmental Impact:

Although the specifics of the project have yet to be designed, it is expected that the eventual project will be energy efficient, employ water conservation methods, use healthy building materials, and have multi-modal TOD components incorporated into the property’s design to encourage auto-alternative transportation modes.

Status and Timing:

The project is still in early planning stages to determine financial projections and funding requirements. Estimated completion date is in late 2022.

Social Impact:

This project is intended to be an “anti-displacement” project that benefits the existing community. It will allow current community members an affordable living option to remain in the community in a “home ownership opportunity.” The sale of the affordable condo units will likely be in the 70% – 80% AMI range allowing low- and moderate-income households the ability to often actually have more monthly disposable income left to spend on household and family necessities. The project may include a market rate component also.  One of the primary goals of this project is to provide local area households the opportunity to no longer experience housing insecurity by owning an affordable residential unit.


The photos on this page include some samples of possible building exterior finishes that could be similar to this future project; also included herein are photos of possible public amenities that might be designed into the future project.

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