Written By Will Kralovec

On February 16, 2020

From the laptop of JJK Places’ President:

JJK PLACE, PBC has released its new company logo and two related abbreviated “logo icons.”

Says President and Founder of JJK PLACES, Will Kralovec, “We’ve come such a long way in just the last 1.5 years since the company was officially founded and incorporated that we felt a fresh logo was needed that better represented the unique type of mission-driven real estate on which our company focuses.”

Will added, “I’ve never particularly liked over-simplified ‘monogram type logos’ that say nothing about what a company does. Instead I much prefer what I call a ‘story logo.’  When you look at it, it tells you a story about what we do, where we do it, and a bit about our values and the increase in opportunity that we hope to create with our triple bottom-line company and the desired outcomes of our social impact real estate (which we also refer to as ‘SIRE’ for short).  And to add to the logo’s interest, there are actually several hidden messages incorporated into the logo’s design!”

Will, our President, is well known for his philosophical traits and for seeking deeper meaning in important subjects. So the fact that our new logo has a number of symbolic clandestine messages about SIRE is not surprising!  See if you can spot the seven or more symbolic messages or ideas contained within the different parts of our logo, and also decipher the symbolism contained in the stand-alone brown logo icon square — what we affectionately call the “Window into the SIRE World.”

See the company’s new full logo, and two of its abbreviated “logo icons” below.