Culture is the deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs

that are shared by members of an organization,

that operate unconsciously and define in a basic ‘taken for granted’ fashion

an organization’s view of its self and its environment.

Edgar Schein

Local Community Impact

Impacts Beyond Our Core Business


At JJK, we are using the power of business as a catalyst for positive social, economic, and environmental change, as well as creating long-term value for all our stakeholders and investors alike. Our vision is to use the built-environment as a tool to lower, and even eliminate, barriers to opportunities. We strive to do this beyond merely producing real estate, but rather in myriad other additional indirect and intangible ways beyond our core business. It’s a ripple effect. By this means we at JJK Places seek to create positive benefits for individuals, employees, communities, the metro Denver area, the local economy, and the environment. It is a multi-tiered impact in which we take pride in helping contribute to.



Following is just a sample of some of the ways we do this outside our core business:

  • Paid Community Service Days: We offer all staff members two paid community service days per year to do meaningful work in the community with a nonprofit organization of their choosing.
  • Work Remotely & Flex-Hours: Staff members are allowed to work remotely from home or other off-site location, and to work on a flex-hours basis so that they can reduce stress, travel demands, and lower their carbon footprint.
  • RTD Eco-Pass: We offer all full-time employees the option of a company paid RTD Eco-pass to encourage transit ridership to and from work when they do come into the office.
  • Healthy Balance: Overall, we encourage our staff members to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal lives; as such, we rarely have staff working overtime or on weekends, and during the summer months we close the office at noon every Friday to allow staff to have a longer weekend.
  • Reduced Fees for Nonprofits: We offer nonprofit organizations a substantially reduced consulting service fee structure, and in some cases offer community-led groups or projects pro bona free consulting services to help their project get started.
  • Charitable Giving: We contribute a share of our company’s profit to community organizations and projects that have a related mission to that of our own. Each year we give at least 2% of company profit to such community causes.  When the reduced fees as pro bono work we do for nonprofit organizations is added to our charitable giving, they collectively equate to over 5% of our company’s profit being given to worthwhile community causes to create positive impact.
  • Educate & Promote: In order to help educate and promote the concept of social impact real estate, JJK Places is actively involved in a number of ways to further the use of SIRE to better our communities and the metro Denver are as a whole. To let all our clients and development partners know of the impact that their payments are making in the community, our company invoices carry the following notice:

Your payment makes a real difference in Denver and beyond!

As a social impact enterprise, JJK PLACES, PBC seeks to have an impact in metro Denver not just through its mission-driven real estate business, but also by:
providing free/significantly discounted consulting and project management services to nonprofit organizations and community projects, allowing staff to volunteer for company-paid community service work, and annually contributing a portion of company profits to various local charitable causes.

Your payment therefore allows JJK PLACES to create positive local impact beyond just our real estate efforts.  We and others thank you for that!