Coronavirus Drives New Push for Rent and Mortgage Relief from Congress

Written By Will Kralovec

On March 23, 2020

From the laptop of JJK Places’ President:


The Coronavirus is not only affecting people’s health and altering American’s usual lifestyles and routines, but it is causing new housing affordability challenges for millions of households.

A group of housing advocates have now banded together to apply pressure to Congress to act on a suggested package of rent, mortgage, eviction, and related relief measures that could help forestall a rash of people defaulting on mortgages, being foreclosed upon, losing their apartments, and otherwise being forced from their homes and into the streets.

How do we as a country address this predicament? The COVID-19 epidemic puts a new urgency on this long existing problem. Without action of some kind at both federal and local levels, the consequences could be very dire.

But what are the best solutions to address this problem?

-Will Kralovec

President and Founder