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Our Services

We can help, in a variety of capacities!

We develop, co-develop/joint venture, project manage, consult, and advise on a wide variety of real estate project types, collaborating with a broad array of stakeholders, including:

  • Developers
  • Property Owners
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Community Groups
  • Funders
  • Investors
  • Social Impact Capital Sources
  • Social Impact Companies/Tenants

We are here to COLLABORATE with you by:

ORIGINATING new projects
EVALUATING potential property acquisitions, including providing services related to underwriting, due diligence, financial analysis, and deal structuring
Determining a project’s social impact STRATEGY
PROJECT MANAGING new developments
Helping determine FUNDING sources
Serving as a SOCIAL IMPACT ADVISOR on a development team; or for a funder, nonprofit/philanthropy, neighborhood project, or to manage community engagement
Do CONSULTING in a myriad of disciplines and roles — including biophilic design, affordable housing, budgeting, funding, marketing, geospatial analysis/GIS, market/demographic studies, etc.
Advise on a project’s future URBAN DESIGN and/or PLACEMAKING
If it involves the built-environment and
producing Social Impact, Community Benefits, or Public Good…
CONTACT US to talk about it.


Company Expertise


JJK Places, PBC is helping fill a significantly underserved market niche in the Denver metro area, and beyond, for the development of socially conscious, community-oriented real estate projects. JJK Places is a people focused, community-centric “social impact real estate” development and consulting company. (See the ABOUT section for more details.) We exist to develop, co-develop / joint venture, consult, and advise on real estate projects that have the potential to produce significant social impact along with delivering targeted risk-adjusted financial returns to our investors and funders.

JJK Places has expertise in all facets of real estate development, city planning/urban design, community development, entitlements, community engagement, affordable housing, finance, construction management, leasing and asset management, and economic development—to name a just a few from a long list of company capabilities.


JJK Places can serve in a variety of roles within a real estate project. JJK originates/sources new projects, can be a developer or joint venture as co-developer of a project, we also can act as a fee developer or project manager. We also offer our expertise to consult and advise, or act as an owner’s rep on a variety of projects and investment deals. JJK Places has the capabilities to work on/consult on every stage of the real estate development process—from property re-zonings, to project concept and pre-development phases; from funding, planning, and design stages through subsequent construction, all the way to final marketing and lease-up/sales of a project’s residential and commercial space components.

In development deals which JJK Places originates (and helps assemble a development team), JJK will typically act as a “Development Partner” or “Co-Developer” involved in helping manage the project’s day-to-day operations during the entire scope of the project.

For consulting assignments, we offer a myriad of expertise and experienced perspectives. One new unique role JJK Places offers is a service called the “Social Impact Advisor” (the “SIA”). See the “SIA” page for a description of this new invaluable member of a developer’s project team. Other less consulting services JJK offers include work in biophilic design; geospatial analysis; community outreach with advanced visual communications techniques; and placemaking strategies, design, and implementation.

Maximizing social impact is the ultimate goal of all work in which JJK Places is involved.  This commitment begins at a project’s concept stage and goes all the way through implementation.  To best utilize JJK Places’ expertise and achieve the highest social impact goals, we should be brought on to a development team or to consult on a project early in its conceptual planning stages for best results.

The below diagram provides an overview of many real estate development and consulting services offered by JJK Places:


For more information on any of the above development and consulting services, please send us a  message via our CONTACT page.  We offer free consultations. We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.

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